Week 2.

When I walked on the street or subway, I found there were many great signages which were clear and easy for people to follow the instruction. So this time I took two of them which were successful signages that I think is interesting and meaningful to public.

The first one is the signage I saw in subway. It clearly shows “This is the place to charge your phones!” It also has animation to attract people’s attention. So when people is in need, this spot is really easy to find and realize that we can charge our phones right here.

The second is a signage which is in front of restroom. Looking at the icon on the right, it combines ladies and gentle men icons together. Maybe its purpose is to show this restroom is open for anyone, because sometimes, some people may not identify the gender themselves. It is respect to display sexual equality. Everyone is welcome to this restroom!

But there are still some signages may make people feel confused. For example, I saw this signage on the road, but I cannot understand what does this signage want to express. Is that showing only the truck can be on this road or there will be trucks on this road? However, streets near this road still have trucks! Furthermore, the signage shows two direction pointing LOCAL. But for foreigner like me, I am not able to get the point of LOCAL, it that the opposite way is for downtown or express road like the sign shown on Subway?

Last but not least, I want to show the signages of reminding people to say something when seeing something. There are tons of information emphasizing about safety on the subway, making me feel more not safe at all! It made me feel it is a caution instead of a reminder. Probably it is because we usually use black and yellow as a caution signage. Every time I saw it, I think it is easily to be ignored as it does not have connection with folks.

Besides, let’s see what other things use black and yellow:

But this is a signage which desires people to be brave enough to say something to police. So I want to change its color into blue and white that fit to the theme of NYPD’s color. I believe it can help people say something while they see something. NYPD has dignified reputation in protecting people and fighting against bad guys. Therefore, using familiar color into this signage can make people feel like NYPD is here to help!

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