Creative Words

Week 3.

After watching the interesting video about creative words, it is so exciting to do that! But in the beginning, it was really hard to find a word to do something. So I kept thinking and searching what word is suitable to do so. I started drawing something on the notebook, and finally found three words maybe interesting.

The first one is grave. I think that the shape of character “g” is similar to a grave. I create something like a ground and then the “g” starts from underground, gradually growing up to the surface and create a shape of grave.

The second one is hollow. When I saw this word, I came up with an idea that there was a space between two character “l.” In consequence, I decided to take advantage of that! I drew a initial state of hollow without one “o” and then, the missing “o” showing up passing through the space between two “l”, meaning that it is hollow!

The last one is light. Light can be turned on and off, making darkness and brightness. So the “i” seems similar to a lamp. By pulling the thread, light can be turned on!

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