Redesign Airline Ticket

Week 3.

As we know, the layout of Delta Airline ticket is really complex and unclear, making people hard to find important information about their boarding time or flight number. It is because they not only use the fonts with almost same size, but also put too much information together in a bad arrangement, so that we are not able to find information on this ticket.

So, this time, I change the fonts and size by using Gotham and trying to arrange the layout following by design principles. First, I put the most important information in the layout because those information is for passengers to find where their boarding gate is, which seat is for them, and what time they should board. This is able to make whole layout to be clear.

Second, I start to put other information on the layout by categorizing the information which is for passengers or airline staff. For example, the bar codes can be arrange in the same place which are easier for the staff to scan these two codes. Other information like numbers for staff can be put in other way because for most time, those numbers are not always to be used in the airport.

Furthermore, I use guide line to locate and split the ratio of this ticket, so I can easily design and arrange all the information in order to meet simplicity and consistency.

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