Scary Creepy Doll for Halloween!

Midterm Project. Both Sofia and I did not have previous experience of Halloween holiday, so we just decided to create something scary and creepy to fit the topic of Halloween! As we know, people dressed up and pretended some character to scare others in Halloween. As a result, we came up with an idea that

Compass-like rotation with Classes and Arrays

Week 5. Original Code : This time I tried to use classes and arrays to simply my code from last time. In the beginning, I used 2D array to store data of both amount of lines and random angles. It worked, but unfortunately, I cannot make them rotate in different direction, meaning either I was

Creating future masks and Shooting at Washington Square

Week 4. In this week, we created future masks following with our design. To begin with, we utilized tape and blown balloons to make the shape of our masks. Even coming with some problems in the process, we still successfully made the masks as similar as our initial design. After discussing and designing masks for