Week 6. Final video

In this week, we refined our rough cut video by shortening the clips which actually did not need that long. This made our video to be more streamlined. We used Adobe Premiere to do edition. I tried to make all clips go smoothly accompanied with funny cut. So in some clips, I used time/ duration to shorten or elongated the clips in order to make funny scenes. When doing rough cut and editing, I saw myself on the screen was so awkward and shy. But during the time of shooting, it was so nice even though taking same scenes or cuts many times.

My partners also found some interesting background sounds, so that our video can be more “weird.” In the beginning, it was hard for us to do editing in sound because our scenes switched instantly. We were not able to control different sound effects that we desired to add in our video. In consequence, I just picked a part of the music which seemed to be fitted to our video, and it worked!! I knew it was not a good way to choose sound like this, but it did make our video to be hilarious. All the fluctuation and changes were fitted to the scenes. And it also make me realize the importance of the sound in video.

In this project, I really enjoyed the moment with my group, Katya, Youjin, and ChengChou. All of them were super nice and willing to cooperate with, taking videos, editing, finding music and helping each other. The most important thing was that we respected each other’s perspectives or ideas. Therefore, I had a great experience while collaborating with them!


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