Flash Light – Illuminating Gloves

Week 1.
When thinking about flashlight, it reminds me of┬átraditional shapes of flash light like cylinder, rectangle. So I decided to make something like Iron Man’s gloves. The following things are the components for making this glove. LEDs, gloves, 3V battery shield and PCB. The reason why I used PCB to do soldering was that in this way, it reduced the most space so that I may glove did not have to be heavy with breadboard or lots of wires.
Then I started to do soldering. I used two wires to separate positive pole and negative pole. And then made all LEDs with long legs into a loop. The negative pole vice versa. It meant that I made these LEDs in parallel.
Moreover, I cut a hole with knives for fitting LEDs into it. Then I sewed them to fit with LEDs. When sewing this glove, it was hard since the space was too small to let needle pass through.
After all things done, here is the final illuminating glove! It looked cool! But in the beginning, I was concerned about whether this small 3V battery can supply enough power for many LEDs or not. As a result, I did not solder too many bulbs on it. It seemed that those LEDs consumed the power of battery really fast. Therefore, maybe it was right not to add too many LEDs on it.
After finished this glove, I turned to critique this product by myself. What is the function of this glove? Is it meaningful to create a flash light in this way? And I have to admit that this glove just for fun and for testing. However, I can do a little bit changes next time. For example, adding a photosensor to detect whether the light source is enough or not. If not, the light will turn on automatically. In this way, it maybe can help people who wear gloves when construct something.

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  1. Nice work and documentation. And where did you get the battery shield? I love that.

    Nice work with the perf-board, and I like your soldering, nice pattern.

    Good work sewing the pcb to the glove, that couldn’t have been easy. The lighting effect looks great when the glove in worn.

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