Wine Glass and Bottle Racks

Week 2.

I spent a lot of time in thinking about what to make, because I really wanted to make something which is useful in my life. And then an idea came out which is for creating a wine bottle and glass rack! I like drinking, so it definitely will be useful for me! As a result, I started designing in sketch and Adobe illustrator.

When the design and plan were done, I prepared the tools and equipments that I might be used in manufacture. For example, screw driver for drilling the holes for wine glasses, Doweling jig and kit for drillingĀ perpendicular holes to make two pieces of wood together. Also, I printed out my design and sticked it on the board so that I could cut the wood precisely.

First, I used sawing machine to cut the wood into little pieces of wood. Second, utilizing band saw to cut the straight lines. And then, I use clamp to make sure that the woods would not move during drilling holes. Furthermore, I added a sacrificing wood to protect my wood while drilling.

After complete the cutting and drilling part, I used sanding machine including the one in the shop and another with hand driller to make my pieces to be smoother. Lastly, I used Doweling jig to make sure that holes would be at the same spot. And then using the glue for wood to stick my together to increase the strength of combination.

And here is the result!

Indeed, I can change the way that I make it. For instance, I can design them as an object by cutting them with sand saw. However, the reason why I use different way is that I desire to learn how to use Doweling jig. But I still got a lot of during the process!


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  1. Nice work and good process. Glad you designed a blueprint then attached it to your wooden pieces.

    I’d like to see more of your drilling process and gluing process. Did you clamp the piece together while gluing? What type if drill bits did you use?

    The center hole for the bottle seems a little big for the piece of wood (at least in the 7th picture you have posted). I fear it might be a little to fragile to hold up over time.

    Have you considered adding a finish to the wood? Perhaps something to make it water resistant?

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