Pcom Final Prototyping and Testing

Week 10.

This week, Shawn and I started to code in p5.js to create trees and birds that we will use in our sketch. And Lu started to create music testing. Shawn made this trees with animation that will be triggered when the audience interact with the objects. And also, the large tree will be the main character of our visual.

Besides,  we created a 1:1 platform prototype with foam for testing the vibration sensor. But during the process, there is a problem that this sensor is not sensitive enough, so it cannot create the effect that we desire to use. That is, we are not able to get data when the object is slid on the surface because of the sensor and the texture of foam.

After asking someone who used vibration sensor before, we found out that maybe we need to create a support technique in between of the surface and sensors to make vibration more obvious.

Last but not least, we tested the serial communication. To be more detailed, when the sensor is triggered, it would show a water wave animation indicating that there is a sensor beneath the surface. Although having progress this week, we still need to figure out our interaction design and how to make our sensor more precise and useful.


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