Laser cut

Week 3.

In this assignment, we are required to use laser cut to create something. Again, I really wanted to make something useful in my daily life. As a result, I came out with an idea to create a personal style of napkin container. Here is my sketch.

I put them in a file with different layers so that I could cut and etch them in one file. Before cutting, I tested it how the specific value that is most suitable for one-time cutting instead of running the files with two times. For me, it is weird that needed to running it two times in order to cut through the acrylic board every time. Therefore, I just lower a little bit down the default value of speed. I did two things on laser cuter, one is cutting through, the other one is etching my name on it.

In the beginning, I used 3mm acrylic as my material to make napkin container; however, I found out that it is too fragile. That is, it is not thick enough for use. Besides, I desire to cut it with holes so that I could combine them together by fitting to the hole. However, those holes are always too big or too small which really hard to measure in advance. But I still decided to do it again with 6mm acrylic which results in better outcome.

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  1. Nice work, this looks good, I like your design.

    I also like that you tried different thicknesses of acrylic. I’m sure you discovered that the files needed to be edited to account for thicker material and laser settings probably changed as well.

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