Enclosure Object

Week 4.

This week we need to create enclosure stuff! In the beginning, I have no idea what to make, but and then coming up with an idea about creating something that can help me release my stress. As a result, I went to Tinkersphere to buy some colorful bottoms and switches as when pressing those components, it made me feel relieved! Meanwhile, I think of the design of it — robot-like toy!

Here are all the components that I used to create enclosure object. The yellow one is a ruler for calculating the length of those things. 

This is a simulation of my robot toy.

Then, I started to draw the sketch in Adobe Illustrator. Also, using laser cut to cut holes. The most intriguing things was that I put my box in different way — put it vertically! The way I did this was to lower down the platform enough to make box fit to the laser.

After preparation steps, I assembled them in easily as the holes fitted to the bottoms and switches. In this step, other tools that I used were screws and screw driver.

Here are the final version of my enclosure robot toy!

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  1. Nice work, I really like the playful design you went with. Good layout and color choice.

    Do you have an eventual plan for the enclosure?

    I don’t think you should have laser cut that plastic though. That box isn’t acrylic and I’m pretty sure is a material that shouldn’t be put in the laser. Yes it cut, but it can be incredibly toxic or possibly damage the mirrors and laser. Please do not put plastic in the laser unless you are sure it can be safely cut.
    These types of boxes are typically drilled.

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