Two Materials

Week 5, part one.

In this week, I spent bunch of time on making a huge box for final project. My partner and I bought a eight fit by 4 fit plywood, then cutting then into pieces by CNC. Also, we used wood glue to glue them together accompanied with brackets and screws. For sure, using clamp and ruler to make sure that the angle is 90 degree between fences and the bottom of box. Furthermore, we glued additional fences under bottom to distribute the press equally. As this box is for sand, I utilized glue gun to make sure that there is no crack for sand to leaking up.


Part two.

As the previous box did not meet the requirement that not to use plywood and acrylic. I built another thing that combine with aluminum, steel, and plastic. Finding some stuffs in shop and Tinkersphere, I started to think about how to create a thing with these things. At first, trying to use this machine to cut the metal stick.

Then I decided to drill a hole on a aluminum box cover. In the beginning, I tried to use drill to make a hole; however, it took a lot of time and some kind of not working. As a result, I turned to use the machine and adding some oil on the surface, assuring that the temperature will not go to high.

Besides, I bent wires to fasten these two things together as a skeleton of a lamp.

Lastly, I also adding wires for the future use – incorporating a light bulb in it.

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