Running man

Week 6.

In this week, we had to use motor to create a project. So I decided to make animation by using motor and Acrylic to create a persistence of vision effect. In Illustrator, designing my installation into three parts, one is gears with running man figure, another is the cover with sector shape which attract audience’s eyes; last but not least, the construction of my installation.

Then I started to cut them through laser cutting. When designing, I calculate and measure all the holes in which standoffs and screws should be. It is more convenient for assembling them together!

When the preparation part was done, I used screws, gaskets, and nuts to mount the DC motor onto my acrylic. And I found a problem that even though this DC motor had two holes for mounting, its two holes did not have screw thread. So it is hard to mount it. However, I still use those materials to lock it.

Besides, one main gear can trigger other gears to spin,  so I just mounted the human figure gears onto the board, allowing it to follow the gear in the center. It means that in this installation, I only utilized one DC motor. Furthermore, the way that I combined different boards was using standoffs which was a good and easy way to assemble them together. With female and male standoffs, I could decide how height that I wanted to make for this installation.


This is an outlook while finished. After that, I coded in Arduino, trying to control the speed of DC motor via a chip which can slow down the spinning rate of motor. In addition, I added a LED light with relay to control the shinning, making persistence of vision effect. Also, for convenience, I soldered some of the wires.

Here is the final version of my motor project.

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