Tilt Brush!

Week 4.

This week we need to experience the faster way to create a 3D environment for storyboard. So I chose to use Tiltbrush as it seemed easier to create an fancy environment with tons of particles, effects, and brushes. Here is the screen recording video for my story/moon board.

This was inspired by the movie call Hobbits 2 which scene were in a fancy castle with bunch of gold. However, there was a dragon that protected it, especially a precious diamond.



So, I assume that there is an entrance as a start point for the player to get into this castle. Besides, the atmosphere is scary and weird with infertile rocks and plane.

Then, player needs to pass the path and find the diamond. Players also have to fight against the dragon with guns and supplies which can be found on the way. So I created that environment to simulate a space full with gold. However, after experiencing with Tiltbrush, I found out that it is better to create 3D objects like the castle, path, or pillars beforehand in other modeling software because Tiltbrush is more about after effects like particles, brushes, or fantasy. As a result, when executing the project, I will create models in Maya and then import them into Tiltbrush to do more details!

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