Trigger Event and Animations

Week 5.

This week I tended to try creating animations in both object and character. As mentioned above in previous blog post, I desired to make a scene like Hobbits 2 which was in a castle. So this week, I made an security for the door that the player need to defeat him in order to get into this castle as first scene. After getting into the door, I want to change to another scene which is inside the castle.

After done with the character with animation, I create a trigger box accompanied with it. And then make some arrangement in blueprints. For this box, it triggered two events simultaneously, the dying animation and door open.

Besides, I added a pickup cube from built in VR template as an interaction that player should grab this cube and throw to the guard resulting in the story that guard will die and door open as my first scene of moodboard or storyboard. Hope that I can figure out how to change to next scene or level called in unreal.

Video :

For some questions :

  1. I did not find out how trigger the box for multiple times.
  2. Change scene or level when something is triggered.


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