Image Processing of python

Week 7.

This week I used python and terminal to create image which incorporated bunch of pictures form shutterstock! As the graffiti is so amazing and fabulous, I want to see what if all those graffitis are laid out in one picture. As a result, I created this project.

First, I downloaded 100 pictures from shutterstock. But to be honest, at first, I want to downloaded pictures from Bing website and specify the graffiti artist into Lee who are really famous for graffiti. However, I failed to do that so I turned to use shutterstock instead.

Second, I adjust all the pictures into same size and make them in a range of order but there is a blank square at the top-left.

Lastly, I added characters with graffiti font on the pictures which many graffiti artists also do when they are done with their pieces.

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