Amazing Lantern Experience – Proposal for VR Final

Amazing Lantern Experience

Yuhao Ko/ Meicheng Jia


For Chinese culture, this is a time that we can come together, love one another, and heal ourselves. Also, lanterns are loaded up with people’s dreams, reflection on our lives, and peace. People used to write phrases, words, resolutions on the lanterns to convey their thoughts, but what if we can look into the lantern and see the story of different people?

For our final project we are going to create a fantasy world full of sky lanterns, and players can write down their wishes on the lantern and fly the lantern by themselves.Meanwhile, players can also interact with other lanterns to look into other people’s stories.  

Mood Boards




Main Scene


Brainstorm and Sketch






Group & Individual Tasks

Yuhao & Meicheng

  • Finish the interaction in the Main story :
    1. How to let user draw or write letters on the sky lantern?
    2. How to let user fly the lantern?
    3. Set two default lantern to let user touch and goes into the other stories.
    4. How to change to another scene when lantern is triggered?
  • Editing and Modeling :
    1. Lighting effect followed with our color pallette
    2. Building models we will use in our scene.
    3. Background Music.


  • Creating the world and interactions for the personal 2nd story.


  • Creating the world and interactions for the personal 3rd story.


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