Nature of Code_Final Project Proposal

Experience in Physics World

For final project, I am going to create a game of physics world with different stages incorporating like air friction, gravity, collision and so forth which can be found inĀ Matter.js. So the users have to find out how to complete the levels with diverse barriers inside of it. Although I have not yet decide how this game will be, but for example, users may have to avoid to be overwhelmed by bunch of particles, or users need to find out how to cross the bridge, or requiring users to pick up a huge object and put it on the seesaw to break a wall.

Also, I want to create a character for users which can jump, move, shooting, and drop things. It can have more possibility for different stages of my game. My intention is allow users to experience in a physics world created in a digital world comparing to real world experience. Perhaps, if I have more time, I want to utilize machine learning into this game to allow character to find out how to complete this game.

Things to find out:

  • I think I need to find out how to make scenes following the users when moving forward in the game.
  • How to make character walk naturally, or I will choose to use simple objects as my character like cars.
  • What will happen if users fail or fall out of the screen? Maybe restart right away.
  • Is it able to add genetic algorithm into matter.js world?

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