Amazing Lantern Experience – in Progress

Week 11.

For previous two weeks, we started to build our main level. To begin with, we have changed main scene into a wild ruin which may be more suitable for our story. The player will start from a castle-like place and then open a gate to begin their journey! As mentioned in our final project proposal, users will meet the first lantern which allows users to draw or write something on it, and then users needs to grab the lantern and fly it to the sky, triggering whole particle system of lantern as well.

Besides, there are two default lanterns, one is mine, and another is Meicheng’s which will fly to the bridge when users walk to the bridge. It is like a hint for users to realize those two lanterns are different from others so that they will come closer to look into it.

Here were things we did to our levels:
  • Add lantern particle system inside of it, also can be triggered.
  • Finish all the objects, models, textures that we need in main scene.
  • Adjust and add lighting in both main level and lanterns.
  • Figure out how to solve the problem that lanterns will go through static mesh.
  • Build all navigation that users will reach in main level.
Problems and Questions:
  • I think lanterns are glowing, so it may make our scene to be dark if we are close to lanterns.
  • Still do not find out how to grab lantern and fly it while dropping off.


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