DataArt Week 1

Foreign Born Populations in United States


This week, we need to show our skills in utilizing the tools of data visualization. So I decide to use three different libraries to achieve that. The first idea in doing so is to use d3.js which is a useful tool to visualize the data. Although less perceptually-accurate than bar charts, bubble chart can pack hundreds of values into a small space at the same time. So this visualization is based on the number of the estimate population to determine the size of the circles.


Another libraries I used is Chart.js, a library which also easy to do data visualization. I chose to use pie chart to display the data; however, there is too much data so the visual is not clear for the user to read. Besides, there are too many colors which makes visual to be more complex. Although when hovering over the region will show the amount of population, it still too hard to read. So maybe next time, I need to sort the data first and find another way to make bunch of data easier to read.


Last but not least, I use p5.js to make the visual combing with pie chart and bar chart. I make all the country’s name surrounding in a circle, following with the amounts of population. It looks cool but the same problem – it is hard for user to read.


code can be found here :


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