Data Art_Archival Annotation

This week is to create a project related to archive or dataset. It is a group project that we do the visualization together. We found a dataset from this website. But we think of that this weather visualization is not interesting enough because it did not show the obvious results regarding to the weather description. For example, fair with haze and clear with haze, there is no big difference between these two visualization. As a result, we get the JSON file as our dataset to create our visualization between these texts.

We categorize a bunch of diverse descriptions of weather into five big categories so far, and we decide to use slider to visualize it from the level light to heavy as adjectives of those weather. We think that it is not enough to use only light, medium and heavy to exactly describe the weather conditions. Also, in this way, it is able to visualize complex weather such as thunderstorm heavy rain hail fog.

In the future, we can make it as live website, allowing user to see the results of their area. We can combine weather api from OpenWeatherMap to show the real-time visualization!

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