Scary Creepy Doll for Halloween!

Midterm Project. Both Sofia and I did not have previous experience of Halloween holiday, so we just decided to create something scary and creepy to fit the topic of Halloween! As we know, people dressed up and pretended some character to scare others in Halloween. As a result, we came up with an idea that

Observation in New York Hall of Science

Week 3. This weekend I went to Maker Faire 2017 to see how ITP students and other people utilizing interaction into technology. When I saw the exhibition called Connected World in New York Hall of Science, I was attracted by its scale of big screen, atmosphere, and the scenes of this interactive application. There are

What is interaction?

Week 1 Notes from Chris Crawford, The Art of Interaction Design, chapter 1, 2 and Bret Victor, “A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design” A good interaction design is involved with two actors combining with alternately listening, thinking, and speaking. It is like two-way communication. Also, Chris Crawford is concerned that interactivity should