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Spark AR Filters 2020 - 2021

Client: Meister X Messenger                                                                                                              More filters Coming soon                                             

As part of Facebook vendors, our Client Meister collaborates with Facebook Messengers to create a series of Holiday filters, resulting hundreds of thousands of users interact with those filters. I worked with designers and developers from Facebook to build out filters from discussion process to development.


AR Development 

  • Developed AR effects like physics simulation, 3D dissolving, fires, glowing using Spark AR Studio with Shaders, PBR materials, LUTs, Render Passes, Javascript, and Patches.

  • Built multiple interactions using face detection including head rotation, mouth open, eye blinking and so on.

  • Made on-screen interactions like tapping to place objects on the plane in real world.

Assets Preparation​

  • Cleaned up and scaled file size down of 3D models using Maya.

  • Made custom LUTs, faceAO, normal maps, textures using Photoshop.

Off Planet 2020.11

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 3.07.23 PM.png

NeonSkull -  Halloween 2020

EventGraduation 2020.05


Thanksgiving 2020.11


The Vortex of Truth -  NYC Digital Art Month 2020.10

Imagine logging into an AR experience that finds you suddenly surrounded by 6 or more marble CGI busts of some of the great men and women of history. 6 individuals in a circle facing the center where a particle vortex spins. As you walk to the middle of the vortex you are now in the vortex of truth, facing wise men and women of history. At which point you can prompt them to recite one of their most famous quotes. I would curate the quotes in such a way as to pointedly challenge the notion of objective truth and the illusion of reality. These quotes speak to the fragility of these thought structures and the limits of human knowledge while drawing clear parallels to history and contemporary ideas.


Initial thoughts on who would be included would be some of great thinkers and philosophers throughout the ages, people that were dedicated to peace and understanding as well as organizing humans into the effective communities based on morals. People like, Aristotle Jefferson, Sigmund Freud, Carl Sagan, Gandhi, MLK, Mary Wollstonecraft, Lady Anne Conway, Nietzsche and or Kierkegaard, to name a few. Again the curation of the individuals are TBD and their attributed quotes must all work to amplify the same ideas and questions. One that has been a preoccupation humanity for centuries and is no less pertinent today. 


The artificiality and illusion of augmented reality is the perfect metaphor to make a statement about the slipperiness of truth and have it reflect and expand the current political conversation around objectivity. 

Event Graduation 2020.05

EventVacation 2020.05

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