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Balance 2014.03


The Balance App is a social game that promotes better eating habits by competing with other players and recording individual’s diets. While eating alone or with friends outside, the user can choose single mode or multiple mode playing. First, the user can set up customized profile for themselves with hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. In the profile page, it would include personal information, daily consumption of food and score records from games. If users are eating with friends, they can add friends on Balance App or their personal friends to play. Furthermore, they can input different types of food they eat and choose different game style, such as, rafting or seesawing. Balance app then will make arrangements based on data analyzing the suitable time and nutrients content of the food they are consuming.  To win, the users should follow the instruction on the time frame for consume food to trigger the balance of their raft or seesaw.




Materials​: Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop/ POP  


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