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Interactive Application. 2018.11 Arduino/ Javascript/ Node.js

​Pace of Life

Interactive Installation. 2014.06

​Arduino/ Ultrasonic/ Acrylic/ Motors

Plastic Pollution

Kinetic Installation. ​2014.01

​Arduino/ Sensors/ Sound/ 3D Printing


Interactive Application. 2015.04

​Processing/ Arduino/ GPS/ Camera

Twisted and Turned

​Interactive Application. 2015.04

​MAX.MSP/ Wii/ Videos

iPad Men

​Interactive Application. 2015.04

​Helmet/ iPad/ People

Light Painting

​Interactive Installation. 2013.04

​Arduino/ Light Sensors/ LEDs

Light Pollution​

​Interactive Application. 2016.05

​Processing/ Light/ Camera

Mapping 2/3

​Interactive Application. 2014.02

​Arena/ Proiector/ Videos

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