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InstaGlobe 2018.03


For the Mashup Final Project, I used d3 and p5 libraries to build a web page that can allow user to input country’s name to see the pictures selecting from the instagram. The pictures will randomly roaming over the screen and user can use mouse to zoom in the picture.

As official instagram can only get the api of ten users, I choose to use python to scrape instagram pictures searching by tags. The way I achieve this is to use selenium library of Python to make it open a chrome browser to scroll the page automatically, then getting the urls and inputting them into JSON file.

For web page, I use d3 to create a globe that user can input country name, and then the globe will rotate to make the country centered in the window. Besides, will user hit the enter button on keyboard, pictures from instagram will show up in a weird animation. Furthermore, when mouse hovers over the pictures, they will be bigger so that users can get closer to look into it. It is like for nowadays, pictures on social media is existing everywhere with along with the internet. We can see, read, and reach out all the information or data via internet worldwide which is crazy!

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