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iPad Men (Group Project) 2015.03


The iPAD Man is a human-sculpture that steps into small streets and desolate fields within and outside cities. By integrating social interaction with the pedestrians, more and more people can acquire the information. Nowadays, LED panels on the roads or shopping malls are used to propagate products and activities but they lack the mobility of advertisement. In Taiwan, advertisements still rely on workers standing on the streets or in front of the shops to deliver with fliers. So, in order to combine these two major promotion, a new style of advertisement was created. The iPad man will carry a hand-made helmet with iPad, which is playing trailers of the exhibition. Also, they will carry cards with them; if the pedestrians need more information or are interested, they can easily gain cards with information. 


  • Designed the helmet to assemble with an iPad clamp so that the iPad can be locked onto the helmet.

  • Choreographed the advertisement and walked into the streets to experience the interaction with citizens.

Materials​: Helmet/ iPad/ Plastic cramp/ Videos/ People

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