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Lantern Experience 2018.05


"To see other people's dreams in a whole new way." For Chinese culture, this is a time that we can come together, love one another, and heal ourselves. Also, lanterns are loaded up with people’s dreams, reflection on our lives, and peace. People used to write phrases, words, resolutions on the lanterns to convey their thoughts, but what if we can look into the lantern and see the story of different people? Besides, flying lanterns becomes a environmental issues, so some of the countries ban this activity. As a result, virtual reality can help us have same experience and enjoy the moment when we fly the lanterns.


This final project I use Unreal Engine to create a fantasy world full of sky lanterns to simulate what I have experience the moment in flying a lantern in real world. To be more detailed, players can also write down their wishes on the lantern and fly the lantern by themselves meaning that makes their dreams come true. Meanwhile, players can also interact with other lanterns to look into other people’s stories.  




  • Draw and write letters on the sky lantern.

  • After finishing writing wishes and hopes, user can fly the lantern by grabbing it and releasing it as we do in real world. And it will trigger event for releasing all lantern particles into sky, simulating the scene that people flying the lanterns all together.

  • Set two default lanterns to let user touch and goes into the other stories, meaning people can look into and explore other people’s hope or wish.

  • Get into other people's dream to see what people's thought and explore their world.




I want to make this project go further by adding more people to play and build their own wishes or stories. For example, in movie “Ready player one”, it has internet and clouds to store the data and history, in addition, connection to different users. So, if that comes true, users can build their own world and then other players can explore and experience other people’s story, just like a virtual reality version of Facebook or Instagram.

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