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Light Painting 2013.04


Light Painting is an interactive installation allowing people to use their body movements as a medium to paint lights. Differing from traditional paintings medium such as watercolor, sketches, oil painting or Chinese-ink painting, light is the painting medium and body movements are brushes making lights disappear and appear. Furthermore, it utilizes sensors and programs to draw an ephemeral, one time painting. 


By using hand-made lighting gloves, the visitors can trigger circles to light up, creating pictures through their movements.


I was interested in creating an interactive installation for audience to interact with their bodies; to begin, I created a prototype of Light painting to test the mechanism and effect of lights with sensors. 


Arduino program was coded to control the photo resistance sensors to detect the light source, if the data outnumber the default value, the LED will light on for 2-3 seconds; otherwise, faded and continued to detect.


This light painting installation can be hung on the wall as well as displayed in the museum. The reflection of their paintings will be displayed in the opposing wall as they move to create the transient display. 


In the future, I would like to create a room in a shape of a cube with 6 faces full of thousands of LEDs. And the visitors will wear LED-clothing to interact in this space. Thus, I desire to make people the use of their body movements to create light painting. By using the movement of the whole body, audiences are able to do dance, jump or position into any postures to create on the interactive walls. Hence, with 6 walls of LEDs, it can reflect all types of postures from diverse angles.

Materials: Arduino/ Arduino board/ Photoresistance sensor/ LED Light bulbs/ Transformer/ Hand-made Lighting Gloves 

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