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Light Pollution 2016.05


Light Pollution is an interactive application which desires to make people aware of light pollution which has caused tremendously adverse outcomes to wildlife through human behaviors. As humans keep constructing artificial lights including city, building, and street lights, it has altered and interfered with not only the timing of necessary biological activities such as migration of wide range of animals, but also the natural signals which those animals used to find their way home or catch insects. Night, tells a great amount of nocturnal species when to eat, when to sleep, when to hunt, when to migrate or even when to reproduce, it is estimated that half of all life on earth start their daily activities at sundown. However, it is rarely recognized by most people as we think that we sleep at night, the rest of the species do the same. Therefore, those artificial lights adversely affect abundant animal’s living environment and life span without being noticed. 

By coding in Processing to utilize camera to detect light source, if triggered, particles will show up where light source goes. Besides, those particles will keep fading away and popping out, representing the life cycle of animals affected by our artificial lights. When the wall is full of particles, it simulates the condition that animals are confused and lose direction by light pollution.  

Materials: Computer/ Processing/ Camera/ light

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