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Museum of Rice 2016.07

Materials: Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop


"米樂" Or  “Rice Joy”, was named as a concept for a museum about rice. Since Taiwan’s main source of food is based on rice, people harvest and eat rice as part of their cultural heritage and lifestyle; it has supported a way of living for hundreds of years by providing happiness and stable economy.

Furthermore, the style of Chinese character "米 (rice)" is designed as a logo by using the ancient style—Xiao Zhuan, a style of calligraphy adopted in the Qin dynasty. Xiao Zhuan is the first unified character across all of China, thus, the style is used to symbolize the popularity of rice, as it’s main staple in Chinese family and to show respect to rice contribution for thousands of years throughout human history. By using yellow color, I wanted to represent when the paddy fields turn yellow indicating time of harvest. The red color on the upper right hand corner represents the sun as it to the growth of rice.

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