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Pixel World 2016.09


VVVV practice-Facial Recognition

Pixel World is an interactive application which desires to show viewers that they are living in the world with pixels in 21 centuries. That is, nowadays, most smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches are attached with cameras and screens. These two tools are constructed and displayed by pixels. So, when users take selfies, photos, or videos, their bodies and environments are transformed into pixels. Furthermore, after those photos are uploaded to social media and internet, those pixels are flowing in a chaotic virtual (fictitious) Internet world. We will not know where those pixels go and be stored, it may exist in everywhere. Therefore, by using VVVV to detect the human faces as a means to trigger those pixels to be dissolved and errant, roaming and wandering in the scene, the viewers can experience the process that their bodies turn into pixels and then dissolved into roaming pixels.

Materials:​VVVV/ Camera

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