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Sanlih E-Television-New Version App Promotion & Advertisement​ 2014.07


This project for Shan-Li, the biggest television channel in Taiwan, was aimed to promote the its new version of App. I was in charge of strategizing the advertisement and promotion of the mobile application. Several methods were used to strategize promotion:  1) Comic design on Facebook. 2) Banners advertisements on official website, social media, and television. 3) iPhone 6 give away. 4) Celebrity Commercial for app promotion. Through these promotion strategies, their new version of the App increased more mobile user downloads by 20,000. Besides, I took the promotion videos of celebrities who stood for the new App which shown on television, so it can attract the population of TV users to notice this activity. Consequently, it resulted ten thousands of people participation and download times of the their App.

Pictures on Facebook

These comics were designed as advertisement of the 12 reactions from the 12 astrological constellations to the storyline of the popular TV series, 世間情 in 2014,  promoted on Facebook social media fan page to draw attention so they will be interested in this advertisement and thus to download its App. 

Banners on Official Website

​These banners were designed for the official website to appeal to users who watch news or follow the entertainment news.

Taking Promotion Video on Celebrities

Lastly, I created the promotion videos of celebrities urging them to download the new application; these promotions were aired after the show or during commercials.

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