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Save Dog Game 2014.01


The story of this game is that two biggest drug dealers in Mexico, Aruba Zac and Heshuar Gart, have conflicts when trading drugs. However, Gart abducts the Zac’s beloved dog in a luxury house defended by many guards. As Zac desires to save his dog alive, he does not expect engagement during conducting this mission.

So, as a well-trained agent, player should complete the mission within 4 minutes since this house has auto recovery electricity system. To begin, in order to sneak into this house without being noticed, player should figure out how to utilize his equipment, night-vision goggle, map, and instruction to hide from guards. During the game, player also need to find out how to gain more mission time and how to avoid losing the rest of time. Finally, if mission time ends up, meaning player loses this game; otherwise, if player finds Zac’s dog and escapes from this house within limited time, meaning player wins.

​Materials​: Unity 3D/ Sketchup/ MAYA

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