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Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan-Taiwan Agricultural Exhibition 2016.06


Our country, Taiwan, is founded on agriculture since ancient times. Every dynasty was agriculture-based. In addition, Modern agriculture is devoted to food security, ecosystem, culture and domestic conservation, meaning agricultural development is progressing throughout the history. So, by displaying the ancient documents and relics which record the traces of agricultural development in Taiwan, it can make public to realize the consequences and outcomes of agricultural development and thus knowing that agriculture plays a vital role in different generation in Taiwan. The Video Explain each important milestone in the history of Taiwan agricultural development.


  • Edited old images to produce two campaign videos, 30 seconds and 6 minutes, respectively, to display Taiwan’s historical development of agriculture from 1948 to present.

  • Designed brochure layout for the Taiwan Agricultural Exhibition of historical relics, documents, pictures, for exhibition visitors.​

Video Source: Taiwan Agricultural Exhibition. Materials: Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop ​

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