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Twisted and Turned (New Media Cruiser-Class Thesis Project 2) 2015.04


In the 21 century, our minds are bombarded with too much information. We are constantly pressured by information and random information. To adapt to this change, we live within fractures and abandonment the idea of a whole system, being unable to focus. Inspired by this condition, we created an installation by experimenting with a trapped body in a digital box. We put the body in a tiny, enclosed space or in water, trying to represent, depict, and simulate the trap state of mind. We attempt to explore the possibility of body and visual image.



  • Aided filming the videos underwater and in-box.

  • Controlled and managed the devices with Wii sensor and Arduino on the truck.

  • Aided to fix the bug in coding of Max MSP.

Materials: MAX MSP/ Wii/ Camera/ Truck/ LED panel

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