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Nightmarket  2011.02 

Watercolor on Arches paper/ 109.1x78.7cm


This painting depicts the unique, common lifestyle culture of the traditional night market after the hustle and bustle work life in the metropolis city of Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan is famous for night markets since it opens until midnight and food there are very reasonably priced; many people would go there to enjoy delicious food after school or work. When I was a child, I lived near the Jingmei Night Market, during weekends, my parents would bring me there to buy midnight snacks. I found that people leisurely walk on streets with only slippers and slacks instead of suits. This place is suitable for any age from baby to elderly since the night markets provide a wide range of products such as fruits, vegetables, clothes and stationeries. Everyone would go there for leisure with their families, friends after a long day of work. 

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