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Over Controlled of Press  2010.03 


In my country, Taiwan, we have the right to freedom of expressions; however, these rights are overly abused by media companies, often times, the press or newspapers would issue reports without confirming the truth, thus, spreading rumors which hurt innocent people. Therefore, I use two spotlights to symbolize the media’s focus on these adverse and sometimes falsified reports; such as, the graphic display of victim’s bodies or feelings to the public without consent i.e. violence, sexual events, murdering events, which are not suitable for children or teenagers. Unfortunately, the readers and audiences contributes to this trend, as they like to watch this type of news, ensuring media companies profits and motivating them to continue rather than reporting real global issues. Thus, this painting is a ridicule of the press systems in Taiwan and the dark eyes depicts the readers or viewers hiding to watch the news. 

Watercolor, crayon on Arches paper / 39x54.3cm

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